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TechForex is a trade name of Forex Technologies Inc, the enterprise grade Forex technology provider. By combining state-of-the-art Forex trading technology with inter-bank liquidity, TechForex provides turn-key technology and connectivity solutions for all types of market participants ranging from individual traders to broker-dealers and ECNs.

TechForex Liqudidy Hub is a technology behind FTPrime — an unprecedented Direct Market Access (DMA) liquidity hub providing executable rates aggregated from 40 major banks and ECNs. It is supported by unlimited credit from major prime-of-prime (PoP) brokers, regardless of your capitalization.




TechForex Liquidity Hub is an enterprise-grade price aggregation, execution and back office platform built in-house by Forex Technologies Inc. It is utilizing leading technologies such as Java Spring Integration Framework (JSIF) to provide a scalable, reliable and fast solution. Thus, our Price Aggregation Engine and Trade Auditor are built on our proprietary price analysis and decision making algorithms employing the cutting edge science of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.

Forex is a fast-paced market where milliseconds count. Our unique algorithms allow for processing huge volumes of price data and make the order decision instantly. We host our servers in enterprise grade data-centers with the lowest possible network latency to the major FX liquidity providers, which allows us to deliver the trading orders almost immediately.

Our technology is standard based, but employs flexible architecture, which simplifies future development and continuous enhancement of the system. Its open nature with a support for multiple standards provides for virtually unlimited integration possibilities with third party products and services.

TechForex technology was created by highly skilled developers with decades of experience in software development for financial markets. FTPrime is operated and supported by a proactive and experienced team of system administrators.

We pay special attention to fault tolerance and load balancing to assure the highest level of service availability. Our server applications are fully clustered, thus delivering constant performance and fast fail-over. Our scalable implementation allows us to process tens of thousands of orders per day. All critical hardware and network components are carefully selected to provide the highest level of redundancy.

Supported Platforms

TechForex Liquidity Hub is connected to multiple GUI trading platforms introduced below. Besides that, we welcome all other platforms to be connected over FIX API.


VT Trader 2.0

VT Trader has been the technology of choice for one of the largest US retail Forex brokers. Even during the heaviest market activity, it has reliably met the demands of tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Seamlessly integrate our innovative client-side trading interface into your existing trading technology. Benefit from the highly acclaimed and world recognized VT Trader™ 2.0 by offering it to your clients!


MetaTrader 4

Welcome to the fastest order execution ever experienced! Trade the institutional foreign exchange market using the most popular trading platform in retail Forex. We have integrated the MT4 Client Terminal directly with our DMA institutional order routing system. There is no ‘middleware’ or third party bridge to cause latency in pricing or ‘out-trades’ caused by multiple connection.



Complete trading solution for all client and broker types. LP aggregation, GUI front end, depth of book, PAMM functionality, FIX connectivity, and complete MT4 solution. Cross-connected with all bank LP’s. Complete back office, reports and real time monitoring with many other customizable features.


Currenex, Hotspot FX, Integral

TechForex Liquidity Hub is also pleased to offer front-end GUI solutions from Currenex, Hotspot FX, and Integral to our institutional traders and wholesale clients using prime broker credit. Through these solutions, the users can trade on TechForex's DMA bank liquidity aggregated with pricing supplied by non-bank providers.
The solution supports order matching, liquidity aggregation via GUI, API or by connecting your existing Currenex, Hotspot FX, or Integral White Label directly to FTPrime liquidity pool.

About TechForex

In 2011 Victor Pasilis, a Forex risk manager with almost two decades of trading experience has introduced his vision on the emerging FX market to two Forex technology gurus: Anatoly Tkach, and Alex Melnik. They teamed together, formed Forex Technologies Inc., and created TechForex – a strong combination of creativity, innovative software technology, and superior market expertise.
Since 90s these three highly qualified FX trading industry professionals used to collaborate on various proprietary and out-of-the-box Forex trading platforms e.g. MGTrader, ACTForex, VT Spot, myForex, and now they unite their strengths to provide Forex market participants with the most powerful liquidity solution – TechForex.

Since early 90s, Victor was involved in successful business development for banks and financial markets institutions in Europe, USA, and Japan. He supervised product development for MGFG, ACTForex, CMS, CMS Japan, and many more. The other of Victor’s strengths is day-to-day business management. The TechForex team is currently working directly under his supervision. Victor is one of the FTI founders, and TechForex as a market opportunity has stemmed from his ideas. Victor’s extensive knowledge in Forex risk management allowed us to create TechForex the way it should be – an ultimate liquidity platform on FX market.

Victor Pasilis

With 20 plus years in planning, analysis, and design of multipurpose computer based systems, Anatoly has supervised development of business automation systems designed for various industries ranging from publishing, marketing, and claims processing to mission critical real-time trading platforms e.g. ACTForex, VTS, myForex. Anatoly has built solid and diverse business relationships. He is one of the FTI founders, and his vision of the market needs and software capabilities allowed us to bring TechForex to the level of peerless leader in aggregated liquidity strategies.

Anatoly Tkach

Mr. Melnik is an entrepreneur with experience that ranges from key senior and executive management positions to independent engagements in the field of management, business development and consulting. As the COO at ActForex Inc. he was overseeing the company’s business development activity guiding creation and building company/client relationships. In this role he was responsible for client acquisition and development/facilitation of the company’s business development strategy.

Alex Melnik


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